Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hi all! Here is my spread in Leann's was a lot of fun!
I pulled up one of the digital backgrounds I've been creating, printed it on my laser printer, and created this altered book spread with the inspiration of all that sizzling color! The paper doll theme of this book was perfect for the witchy dancer...altered from THESE which I got last Fall from Ten Two Studios. (I used legs from these paper dolls.) The text I cut from an old Nancy Drew book (Quest of The Missing Map), if you are interested ...:)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kathy Martin's book

Hi gang - I've uploaded the 2 spreads I did in Kathy's book to my TypePad blog.
Saves uploading twice...hope you like them!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Music to My EARS

Hello All:
Here are my pages for Corrine's book. I enjoyed her theme so much that I completed three spreads. I chose three different types of music. First, Cole Porter, whose songs sound as good today as when they were first written. Second, Boogie Woogie Piano. These pages show the spread of this musical style beginning in Texas, and traveling with workers on the trains to the North. Boogie Woogie fascinated Piet Mondrian: this painting is called Broadway Boogie Woogie. The yellow lines represent the yellow taxi cabs in New York. Finally, I illustrated the waltz. The page on the right side is from a dance instruction manual; I found it on the Library of Congress site.

Sheila J

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Penny's Contribution to Corrine's Book

Hello All: 
Here is Penny's spread in Corrine's book, "Music to My Ears." The photo at the top left show the pages closed. The photos below show the right side and the left side open. 
Penny used beautiful images to illustrate "music" and mounted them in a creative way.
I couldn't include her other spread - it features a beautiful purple umbrella - but it wouldn't fit on my scanner.
I'll post my images in a day or so. Corrine's book is now on its way to Donna.

Sheila Johnston

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November pass

Hi all,
Hope everyone is having fun creating. Books should have been passed some time this past weekend. Is everyone on track? I saw the post about penny's book? Was it ever received?
Hopefully everyone is on target, if not inform the group so we can slow down the pass. I would hate for some people to have 2 books and some one to be with out.
I was in such a rush to get Sherrie's "wings" book out that I forgot to take photos! DANG IT!
So sorry, I thought they were interesting. Perhaps some one can photograph and post at a later date.

Monday, November 9, 2009

alphabet book

xxx These are my contributions to the alphabet book.Sorry, my photos arent very good, any suggestions? I tend to do a lot of shiny stuff, and it always reflects.
the first is a sample of my encaustic work-very experimental and fun.
the 2nd is collage with an interactive element.
off to the post off soon.

Friday, October 30, 2009

To Shelia

Haven't received Penny's book yet. Any idea when I should expect it ? If you sent it with a signature required that may be the problem. I live in an apartment and don't get mail delivered to my door so signing for something won't work unless I call the PO and ask then to deliver it to my door for a signature. Please send another way in the future. Thanks.

Donna Elio

Friday, October 23, 2009


What wonderful work I have seen on this blog, this is really shaping up to be a lovely Round Robin. It is pretty apparent that everyone is enjoying the books and the work, I am pleased this all worked out for us. We are certainly lucky to have an impressive collection of such lovely things in the end.
Can't wait to see what brews in our creative centers this month.
until next time,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

donnas spread

Donna, how did you do the background for the "B" layout. it is spectacular.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here is the spread I did for Sheila's alphabet book.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hello Everyone:
Here is my contribution to Penny's book, "Delightful and Interesting Women." I chose a political theme, and created a spread about the Famous Five. Sixty years ago,  these five Canadian women: H. Muir, N. McClung, L.C. McKinney, E. Murphy, and Irene Parlby challenged one section of the wording of the British North America Act (forerunner to the Canadian constitution) and changed Canadian politics forever. If you wish to learn more, simply Google one of their names and you will be astounded by their accomplishments.

Sheila J

Hello All:
Before I mail Penny's book, here are two of her pages. Her theme is "Delightful and Interesting Woman." Her choices included Marilyn Munroe and Betsy Ross. When you receive her book, check out how cleverly she has included the lyrics for "Devil or Angel" and Marilyn's bio.
I really enjoyed working in this book.
Sheila Johnston

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Faerie Love Song Page

Here's what I put in the "Wings" book:

She's a stamped image, from Faerie Art Song Stamps, watercolored, then Diamond Glazed, and set on this deep turquoise paper with raised stickies. The stars she is creating are beautiful stickers.
Can't wait to get the next!
BTW, I settled on ONE idea, instead of trying to put a MILLION in your book!
Sally Bowen
Baltimore, MD
Hope everyone had fun working in their books this month. I was working in the red book.
Fire-y love is what came to mind.
This spread has to do with heart, soul and love.
How it is all in the palm of your hand if you'd like. There is a pocket behind the hand in which the tags sit. I did use an image that was provided but I trimmed it, painted it, and replaced the face. My pieces are not museum-y, but I had fun creating with the red. I hope you gals enjoy what I have created.

This is the web of love page. I decided after the fact that it looked like a web and used one of the spiders that were provided. It started off just being a red doodle.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i have Donna's book "nature". what a delight. the book is very small,which forced me to be more selective. i tend to work larger.
the wreath is colored pencilwith some vintage images.
the ducks and the lamb actually use poems from the book, which was fun. and, there is a pocket with an ATC, and one of my own photos.
all in all, a very satisfying time.
thanks donna, sherrie

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hi everyone,
It's Already October!! Yikes. Is everyone having fun creating in the book they have? I have had a blast playing in Sally's "Red Book". I have completed one spread and intend to do another before it moves ahead.
Just a reminder to sign and date your pages. I will try to remember as well. We will pass on Thursday October 15th this month, or as close to the date is feasible. Please post some pics before you pass so we can see what you have created. A show in tell if you will - then you can explain your technique and people can ask questions if need be.
Chime in if you'd like to fill us in on what you have been up to.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sally's book:

Your book arrived, I was very excited to get it!
I wanted you to know, and sorry to say that the glass on the front broke (top L corner) in transit. It just looks a bit worn and I am happy to frame it as you asked. Would you still like me to do that?
It would be really cool if you glued it back together and did a photo transfer on it - showing through the image underneath. Just a thought?
I will be shipping along in a Bubble wrap - puffy envelope when the time comes. USPS must throw things around a bit.
I loved seeing every ones work - still so bummed I forgot to do mine.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

OK- ready to send

Finally got my re-do done and dry-s0 later today I'll mail the book! yay !!
I've enjoyed the pages shown so far! Corinne

And maybe blogger will put in the image it left out....sighhh

This is Corinne - frustrated with blogger-

and more...

Too bad one is limited to just a few images per post- here are the rest..

Music To My Ears

Hi Everyone - here is my 're-done' AB- I used the same design paper for the cover, as I had enough left over, but new pages, etc.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'll Try Again

I'm not having much luck uploading pics. So this is another try.


Hello All:

My book  started on its journey yesterday. I completed the end papers, sign-in page and the "a" page. I hope everyone has fun adding to the book.


Sally Bowen's Red Book

Red! Yeah, it's all about the Red! It's quite a book already, here are some samplers, including the cover and back:

Wow, what's wrong with my scanner? Doesn't really look the same as the real thing, gives a little taste. Instructions come with this one.
Sally B Sept 16, 2009

Our First Pass!

How exciting that our Round Robin has taken flight! As our books are sailing across the States we all wait in anticipation to see what comes next. I am so excited to see your book Sally!

I am so SAD to announce that I totally flaked on taking pictures. I really loved the crazy art doll I did. I also did a cover page with info and my title.
I mailed to Kathy yesterday, but she is not participating in the BLOG ( For some reason she cannot get on or upload in her area? )
Perhaps if any of you are inclined you could take a photo and upload my pages so people can see them. If not, I will do so in 8 months when it is returned to me.

Thanks so much for being prompt and participating. I love the unknown and the unexpected, It is a wonderful thing that as artists we are all on the same page. I think it is very special for 8 unknown artists to come together and work on a nation wide art collaborative.
Thank you for being a part of this and showing your expression so freely.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nature Altered book

This is just the cover of my book. I'l be doing 1 spread inside to leave room for all your beautiful art work. As you can see I prefer natural tones with a little bling, but no cutsie stuff and no sparkles. The book is about birds in literature, but please feel free to do other nature things, trees, bugs, animals, leaves, butterflies, etc.

Donna Elio

Sherrie's book-Wings

The squares are actually pockets and tags=thats my sign in page.
The angel is my name etc. and blurb
3rd-Not sure if you can make out the letters-it is "wings" spelled with cut out wings.
The last is a laser cut butterfly on a grape leaf.
its ready for the mail. yeah
I'm ready for another amazing sdventure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An update


Here is a less incognito pic of myself. You all had such sweet pics - I had to change it. Mine seemed a little dark, so here is a new more perty pic. ;-)
My Sister Kim laughed when I told her I put the hooded sweatshirt sunglass pic next to skull up. She took it of me on the boardwalk in Venice Cali, where she lives. She asked if my objective was to appear that I lived in the hood and to scare you all?
Wanted to tell you all this is Not my objective. I'm just a little artsy fartsy.

Now onto the update!
Just wanted to fill you all in. Two members are still having trouble receiving my invite & tapping into the blog. Still looking for a few more intros as well. I will be sending out the passing tree this weekend to our personal e-mails. I hope you are all having fun coming up with a theme or color if you haven't already done so. Get those books prepped and a spread started because we have 2 weeks before our passing date.
I think it would be nice to post a picture of our books and spread the weekend before we pass, with a description of our theme and what our individual objectives are.

Then every month before we pass (or when your spread is complete for that month). We could post a show and tell. That way we can keep up on what is going on in everyones book.
Again. Don't forget to sign your work and date it.

FYI- if you would like to comment on anyones post or pics please go to the end of that post and click comment. You then can leave a comment on a seperate page about that subject. It tallies them for you so you know if anyone has left a comment about your post.

Looking forward to getting this little brown robin off the ground & letting this thing fly.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello Again!

As mentioned earlier this is my virgin foray into the blogasphere and am delighted that this will be another way we can share our work and ideas.

l’ll begin my official intro with the original message I sent to Leann in answer to questions she posed to me earlier this month:

I enjoy the genre of altered books and also the collaborative experience with other artists. However, number of years ago I was in an AB round robin as well as an artdoll RR project, both of which, got way-layed somewhere in downtown limbo. But a very successful project was one I did as one of 10 artists who participated in an art doll round Robin which is one of the featured projects in the book: Collaborative Art Journals and Shared Visions in Mixed Media that came out this summer.

Unfortunately 3 artists of the group didn't get their doll photo credited with their name and I was one of them (P. 123)
Special adjuncts were collaborative journals that accompanied each doll as it made it's rounds but the author chose not to include them. Considering “....Shared Visions...” was a 'journaling' book ... it is a shame, as the doll and journal were important to each other... but not everything makes it into the “big-time’.. that's life :+).

My professional art agenda is filled with many varied projects that include a variety of media. If you have the time and the inclination I invite you to visit my website--

I don't seem to get much of a chance to do altered books so I jumped at this opportunity when I saw Leann's post; being a part of this will hopefully get me more focused on ABs.

I live in beautiful, serene, and lush Wallingford, Pennsylvania with my husband Mort in a home we built almost 50 years ago but we are now in the midst of the project of “down-sizing” (house and studio, oiy!!!) and trying to sell this house-of-many-steps so we can move into a highrise apartment condo! Our immediate family consists of 3 sons, 3 loving DILs and 7 grandchildren (ranging in ages from 19 yrs, to 2 yrs., all living within 12 miles of us.

The concept and actuality of community is very important to me whether in a close family and friendships or this virtual round robin. It is the give ad take, the commraderie, the sharing, learning from one another and building bridges that is all key to my involvement and enjoyment.

To compliment a family memory project I have been working on for my children and grandchildren I have begun a "food memoir" series so it seems only logical that this AB RR be in that nature. To understand my enthusiasm for this, I need to share with you this idea: to mark Mort’s and my 50th wedding anniversary (oh, where has the time gone!) we celebrated over several months by having 'intimate' brunches and dinners attended by treasured family and friends. This way we were able to enjoy a special visit with each one who came to our home on those occasions; each were/are so very important to us.

So, you can see were I am headed as to the concept of our book project together. My mom and dad instilled valuing family and friends but memories of my mom’s food preparations and so much more are the impetus for this.

My recipe box and cookbooks hold seasoned and spiced memories. Rather than a gourmet’s collection this will be a connection of my past to my off-springs in the realm of the food world. The taste and aroma of certain foods bring a stream of remembering special and ordinary times.This series memoirs will be punctuated by recipes, the cooking process, kitchen experiences and chicken soup advice.

I am still fleshing out the how’s and what’s of our project together so ideas are 'percolating and cooking’!! and I will share them with you at the big send off in mid September.... or sooner if you wish.

I really am looking forward to getting to know you and work with you.

After previewing this I discovered that I am unable to move the photos to their appropriate places but this little skill, I think, will come with time. The photo of the AB book is one that never came home to roost and the photo of my mom and me was taken a few years ago just before her death at the age of 94 1/2. Thank you for your patience. Please bear with me. EW

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hi, I'm Sally Bowen

Hello, all! I'm so happy to be with you all. I live in "Bawlmer, Hon!" (Baltimore, MD), a very beautiful place to be if you love GREEN! And so many lovely flowers. So good to know that it's not all spoiled, like they always tell you in school! Well, guess we have to stay motivated, right?

I'm an avid gardener, but now I have no garden! Except my pots and a small patch I adopted at our apartment building that noone was doing anything with. I love to quilt, too, but how many pictures can I put up? Have a look here to see my artwork:

The picture above introduces you to me and my dh, Dave. He's a Web Developer at Diamond, Comics, Inc., Timonium, MD.

My little Bailey dog princess with her new 'do:

She's very sweet and pretty. My cat's name is Luna, she's probably under the bed right now, LOL! Not an outdoor cat at all.

My two "adult children" (what to call them?) are living in Northern Virginia, Jennifer, 26 and married, Michael, 24 and wishes he were married! He will be "soon enough" I think. Grandchildren would be just lovely.

Some pictures from my garden:

Sherrie, here

hello all,
im sherrie from michigan. after retiring from Ma Bell in '94 i started basic art classes, and studied with a local artist for about 5 years-mostly watercolor. a few years ago, our class was introduced to altered books and i was off and running. Ed, my hubby of 25 years, now has Alzheimer disease, so i am home a lot. the on line AB101 was perfect for me and now the mailing RR will be perfect,too.
my theme will be "wings" i would love to see some fantasy winged characters from your imagination. butterflies, birds, angels, fairies--or anything you decide. i am really lookin forward to your creations and getting to know everyone


for Elsa

I snuck into your post and changed my name from Luann to Leann. :-)

Hi Round-Robbin-ers

After sending an S.O.S. a couple of minutes ago I suddenly found the link for posting...Hallelujah!
Soooo HELLO to all of you. I am Elsa Wachs from SE Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia and delighted to be part of this project.

Leann, thanks so much for putting this AB RR group together and for creating this blog. I appreciate your pushing me to learn these new skills that I have been 'thinking' about but just never did. I love new challenges and new horizons!

I need to run off this AM for an appt but I just wanted to chime in fast... see if I know what I am doing... IOW testing the blog waters.... I'll be back this afternoon to do a proper intro.

I hope this works....

Friday, August 28, 2009


I am new to all this and looking forward to learning more and doing more art. I like to oil paint, crochet, gardening for my flowers plus canning items and sewing things. I love art and have done several things in the past in different types of paints and art work. I like the vintage style and
want to learn new ways of doing things and get my feet wet with new and different things. I do
enjoy history. I like most colors and all textures. My Book for RR is called "Delighful and
Interesting Women" Through time there are several whom I admire so that is where I got
this idea from.

We live in Washington and have for several years have four children and nine grandchildren. Family is growing and it is fun to see the young ones getting older and wiser about things. our youngest is five and the oldest is 22 this year. My husband of 43 years is doing well as the family. I don't know how to post a photo on this sorry.

This will be fun to get to know all of you and I hope I put together something nice for each book.
I will do my best. Thanks for this opportunity.

I'm here too!

My name is Corinne Stubson- I'm 63 years young, daughter to my 97-y/o Mom, (that's us in her birthday picture 2 years ago) whom I adore and help out, sister to three older brothers, wife of 43 years (as of Sept. 3 this year!) to my dh, Larry, mother of 2 grown sons, and g-mother to 3 munchkins whom I love to pieces - Matthew, 14, Michaela 11, and Madison, 7-1/2.

I retired from a 22 year career in nursing in 1995 to care for my Dad, and when he passed away, decided to pursue my life in a new direction. I've been immersed in the paper and book arts since 2001, and my art passion is for altered books, making journals, etc, making beaded earrings (my Glitz-Oh! beads) and generally working in mixed media with paint, paper, and my muse.

I'm an avid gardener, lover of classical music (dh is a professional violinist), and love the great outdoors also, especially the ocean and bird-watching (except when the blue herons come and eat our koi...:^((. I'm also a salt-water fish enthusiast, and have a reef tank (125+ gallon) and a 110 gallon 'fish-only' saltwater tank.)
We have a rescue cat, Buster, who will be 9 on or about Oct.1.
My blog is on TypePad and this is my website.

I'm so looking forward to our RR and getting to know all of you!