Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello Again!

As mentioned earlier this is my virgin foray into the blogasphere and am delighted that this will be another way we can share our work and ideas.

l’ll begin my official intro with the original message I sent to Leann in answer to questions she posed to me earlier this month:

I enjoy the genre of altered books and also the collaborative experience with other artists. However, number of years ago I was in an AB round robin as well as an artdoll RR project, both of which, got way-layed somewhere in downtown limbo. But a very successful project was one I did as one of 10 artists who participated in an art doll round Robin which is one of the featured projects in the book: Collaborative Art Journals and Shared Visions in Mixed Media that came out this summer.

Unfortunately 3 artists of the group didn't get their doll photo credited with their name and I was one of them (P. 123)
Special adjuncts were collaborative journals that accompanied each doll as it made it's rounds but the author chose not to include them. Considering “....Shared Visions...” was a 'journaling' book ... it is a shame, as the doll and journal were important to each other... but not everything makes it into the “big-time’.. that's life :+).

My professional art agenda is filled with many varied projects that include a variety of media. If you have the time and the inclination I invite you to visit my website--

I don't seem to get much of a chance to do altered books so I jumped at this opportunity when I saw Leann's post; being a part of this will hopefully get me more focused on ABs.

I live in beautiful, serene, and lush Wallingford, Pennsylvania with my husband Mort in a home we built almost 50 years ago but we are now in the midst of the project of “down-sizing” (house and studio, oiy!!!) and trying to sell this house-of-many-steps so we can move into a highrise apartment condo! Our immediate family consists of 3 sons, 3 loving DILs and 7 grandchildren (ranging in ages from 19 yrs, to 2 yrs., all living within 12 miles of us.

The concept and actuality of community is very important to me whether in a close family and friendships or this virtual round robin. It is the give ad take, the commraderie, the sharing, learning from one another and building bridges that is all key to my involvement and enjoyment.

To compliment a family memory project I have been working on for my children and grandchildren I have begun a "food memoir" series so it seems only logical that this AB RR be in that nature. To understand my enthusiasm for this, I need to share with you this idea: to mark Mort’s and my 50th wedding anniversary (oh, where has the time gone!) we celebrated over several months by having 'intimate' brunches and dinners attended by treasured family and friends. This way we were able to enjoy a special visit with each one who came to our home on those occasions; each were/are so very important to us.

So, you can see were I am headed as to the concept of our book project together. My mom and dad instilled valuing family and friends but memories of my mom’s food preparations and so much more are the impetus for this.

My recipe box and cookbooks hold seasoned and spiced memories. Rather than a gourmet’s collection this will be a connection of my past to my off-springs in the realm of the food world. The taste and aroma of certain foods bring a stream of remembering special and ordinary times.This series memoirs will be punctuated by recipes, the cooking process, kitchen experiences and chicken soup advice.

I am still fleshing out the how’s and what’s of our project together so ideas are 'percolating and cooking’!! and I will share them with you at the big send off in mid September.... or sooner if you wish.

I really am looking forward to getting to know you and work with you.

After previewing this I discovered that I am unable to move the photos to their appropriate places but this little skill, I think, will come with time. The photo of the AB book is one that never came home to roost and the photo of my mom and me was taken a few years ago just before her death at the age of 94 1/2. Thank you for your patience. Please bear with me. EW

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  1. Elsa,

    I visited your gallery, what beautiful art work! I love the idea of mixing your prayer life with your art. It gives me ideas, hmmm.

    Sally B
    Baltimore, MD