Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hi, I'm Sally Bowen

Hello, all! I'm so happy to be with you all. I live in "Bawlmer, Hon!" (Baltimore, MD), a very beautiful place to be if you love GREEN! And so many lovely flowers. So good to know that it's not all spoiled, like they always tell you in school! Well, guess we have to stay motivated, right?

I'm an avid gardener, but now I have no garden! Except my pots and a small patch I adopted at our apartment building that noone was doing anything with. I love to quilt, too, but how many pictures can I put up? Have a look here to see my artwork:

The picture above introduces you to me and my dh, Dave. He's a Web Developer at Diamond, Comics, Inc., Timonium, MD.

My little Bailey dog princess with her new 'do:

She's very sweet and pretty. My cat's name is Luna, she's probably under the bed right now, LOL! Not an outdoor cat at all.

My two "adult children" (what to call them?) are living in Northern Virginia, Jennifer, 26 and married, Michael, 24 and wishes he were married! He will be "soon enough" I think. Grandchildren would be just lovely.

Some pictures from my garden:

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