Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sally's book:

Your book arrived, I was very excited to get it!
I wanted you to know, and sorry to say that the glass on the front broke (top L corner) in transit. It just looks a bit worn and I am happy to frame it as you asked. Would you still like me to do that?
It would be really cool if you glued it back together and did a photo transfer on it - showing through the image underneath. Just a thought?
I will be shipping along in a Bubble wrap - puffy envelope when the time comes. USPS must throw things around a bit.
I loved seeing every ones work - still so bummed I forgot to do mine.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

OK- ready to send

Finally got my re-do done and dry-s0 later today I'll mail the book! yay !!
I've enjoyed the pages shown so far! Corinne

And maybe blogger will put in the image it left out....sighhh

This is Corinne - frustrated with blogger-

and more...

Too bad one is limited to just a few images per post- here are the rest..

Music To My Ears

Hi Everyone - here is my 're-done' AB- I used the same design paper for the cover, as I had enough left over, but new pages, etc.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'll Try Again

I'm not having much luck uploading pics. So this is another try.


Hello All:

My book  started on its journey yesterday. I completed the end papers, sign-in page and the "a" page. I hope everyone has fun adding to the book.


Sally Bowen's Red Book

Red! Yeah, it's all about the Red! It's quite a book already, here are some samplers, including the cover and back:

Wow, what's wrong with my scanner? Doesn't really look the same as the real thing, gives a little taste. Instructions come with this one.
Sally B Sept 16, 2009

Our First Pass!

How exciting that our Round Robin has taken flight! As our books are sailing across the States we all wait in anticipation to see what comes next. I am so excited to see your book Sally!

I am so SAD to announce that I totally flaked on taking pictures. I really loved the crazy art doll I did. I also did a cover page with info and my title.
I mailed to Kathy yesterday, but she is not participating in the BLOG ( For some reason she cannot get on or upload in her area? )
Perhaps if any of you are inclined you could take a photo and upload my pages so people can see them. If not, I will do so in 8 months when it is returned to me.

Thanks so much for being prompt and participating. I love the unknown and the unexpected, It is a wonderful thing that as artists we are all on the same page. I think it is very special for 8 unknown artists to come together and work on a nation wide art collaborative.
Thank you for being a part of this and showing your expression so freely.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nature Altered book

This is just the cover of my book. I'l be doing 1 spread inside to leave room for all your beautiful art work. As you can see I prefer natural tones with a little bling, but no cutsie stuff and no sparkles. The book is about birds in literature, but please feel free to do other nature things, trees, bugs, animals, leaves, butterflies, etc.

Donna Elio

Sherrie's book-Wings

The squares are actually pockets and tags=thats my sign in page.
The angel is my name etc. and blurb
3rd-Not sure if you can make out the letters-it is "wings" spelled with cut out wings.
The last is a laser cut butterfly on a grape leaf.
its ready for the mail. yeah
I'm ready for another amazing sdventure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An update


Here is a less incognito pic of myself. You all had such sweet pics - I had to change it. Mine seemed a little dark, so here is a new more perty pic. ;-)
My Sister Kim laughed when I told her I put the hooded sweatshirt sunglass pic next to skull up. She took it of me on the boardwalk in Venice Cali, where she lives. She asked if my objective was to appear that I lived in the hood and to scare you all?
Wanted to tell you all this is Not my objective. I'm just a little artsy fartsy.

Now onto the update!
Just wanted to fill you all in. Two members are still having trouble receiving my invite & tapping into the blog. Still looking for a few more intros as well. I will be sending out the passing tree this weekend to our personal e-mails. I hope you are all having fun coming up with a theme or color if you haven't already done so. Get those books prepped and a spread started because we have 2 weeks before our passing date.
I think it would be nice to post a picture of our books and spread the weekend before we pass, with a description of our theme and what our individual objectives are.

Then every month before we pass (or when your spread is complete for that month). We could post a show and tell. That way we can keep up on what is going on in everyones book.
Again. Don't forget to sign your work and date it.

FYI- if you would like to comment on anyones post or pics please go to the end of that post and click comment. You then can leave a comment on a seperate page about that subject. It tallies them for you so you know if anyone has left a comment about your post.

Looking forward to getting this little brown robin off the ground & letting this thing fly.