Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An update


Here is a less incognito pic of myself. You all had such sweet pics - I had to change it. Mine seemed a little dark, so here is a new more perty pic. ;-)
My Sister Kim laughed when I told her I put the hooded sweatshirt sunglass pic next to skull up. She took it of me on the boardwalk in Venice Cali, where she lives. She asked if my objective was to appear that I lived in the hood and to scare you all?
Wanted to tell you all this is Not my objective. I'm just a little artsy fartsy.

Now onto the update!
Just wanted to fill you all in. Two members are still having trouble receiving my invite & tapping into the blog. Still looking for a few more intros as well. I will be sending out the passing tree this weekend to our personal e-mails. I hope you are all having fun coming up with a theme or color if you haven't already done so. Get those books prepped and a spread started because we have 2 weeks before our passing date.
I think it would be nice to post a picture of our books and spread the weekend before we pass, with a description of our theme and what our individual objectives are.

Then every month before we pass (or when your spread is complete for that month). We could post a show and tell. That way we can keep up on what is going on in everyones book.
Again. Don't forget to sign your work and date it.

FYI- if you would like to comment on anyones post or pics please go to the end of that post and click comment. You then can leave a comment on a seperate page about that subject. It tallies them for you so you know if anyone has left a comment about your post.

Looking forward to getting this little brown robin off the ground & letting this thing fly.

1 comment:

  1. Robin,

    Now this is a gorgeous portrait of you! Wow! You look great, your personality comes through, you are obviously a sweet woman, open, honest, and, well, innocent?? LOL! Anyway, also love the blossoms.

    Thanks for doing this. We're gonna have a good time!

    Sally B
    Baltimore, MD