Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hope everyone had fun working in their books this month. I was working in the red book.
Fire-y love is what came to mind.
This spread has to do with heart, soul and love.
How it is all in the palm of your hand if you'd like. There is a pocket behind the hand in which the tags sit. I did use an image that was provided but I trimmed it, painted it, and replaced the face. My pieces are not museum-y, but I had fun creating with the red. I hope you gals enjoy what I have created.

This is the web of love page. I decided after the fact that it looked like a web and used one of the spiders that were provided. It started off just being a red doodle.


  1. Leann, it's just beautiful! I dearly love it. Hey, guys, she has the idea! The more red the better!

  2. Fantastic! I thought it would hit or miss. I I don't leave much blank on a page.
    Glad you approve.