Friday, November 20, 2009

Music to My EARS

Hello All:
Here are my pages for Corrine's book. I enjoyed her theme so much that I completed three spreads. I chose three different types of music. First, Cole Porter, whose songs sound as good today as when they were first written. Second, Boogie Woogie Piano. These pages show the spread of this musical style beginning in Texas, and traveling with workers on the trains to the North. Boogie Woogie fascinated Piet Mondrian: this painting is called Broadway Boogie Woogie. The yellow lines represent the yellow taxi cabs in New York. Finally, I illustrated the waltz. The page on the right side is from a dance instruction manual; I found it on the Library of Congress site.

Sheila J

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Penny's Contribution to Corrine's Book

Hello All: 
Here is Penny's spread in Corrine's book, "Music to My Ears." The photo at the top left show the pages closed. The photos below show the right side and the left side open. 
Penny used beautiful images to illustrate "music" and mounted them in a creative way.
I couldn't include her other spread - it features a beautiful purple umbrella - but it wouldn't fit on my scanner.
I'll post my images in a day or so. Corrine's book is now on its way to Donna.

Sheila Johnston

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November pass

Hi all,
Hope everyone is having fun creating. Books should have been passed some time this past weekend. Is everyone on track? I saw the post about penny's book? Was it ever received?
Hopefully everyone is on target, if not inform the group so we can slow down the pass. I would hate for some people to have 2 books and some one to be with out.
I was in such a rush to get Sherrie's "wings" book out that I forgot to take photos! DANG IT!
So sorry, I thought they were interesting. Perhaps some one can photograph and post at a later date.

Monday, November 9, 2009

alphabet book

xxx These are my contributions to the alphabet book.Sorry, my photos arent very good, any suggestions? I tend to do a lot of shiny stuff, and it always reflects.
the first is a sample of my encaustic work-very experimental and fun.
the 2nd is collage with an interactive element.
off to the post off soon.